Through the Woods Therapy Center

Through the Woods Therapy Center is a strength-based, diversity-affirming, person-centered therapy group. We are committed to providing high-quality services that are grounded in feminism (which is to say, the way societally-imposed gender roles impact people of all genders), multicultural competence, and affirming gender, sexual, and relationship minorities. We recognize the difficulties that society imposes on members of disempowered populations, acknowledge internalized oppression, and validate the existence of these challenges while helping clients to manage associated stressors. 

Because of our diversity-affirming mission statement, we attract a lot of clients who live nontraditional lives, including members of the kink community, people in polyamorous relationships, sexual and gender minorities (including gay and lesbian, but also bisexual, transgender, gender nonconforming, intersex, and asexual folks), and members of "geek" and fandom communities. Our therapists value and affirm these traits and lifestyles. Our driving principle is that if you're not harming anyone and you feel good inside, you're probably doing okay.

We are currently a group of three therapists - myself (the owner) and two interns. We currently serve individual clients, age 12+. While you would work with some individual clients, you would also be the primary therapist on staff at this time who serves couples.